Robotic Verification of Signatures and Signing Power Mandates

Smart Extraction & Signature Separation

Signatory Identification

Robotic Signature Verification

Signature Mandate Rule Validation

Justification for Signature Verification

Patterns Sigma provides a cluster of robotic services in the area of Human Signature Verification. The product implements an innovative differential Stroke Extraction And Match (SEAM) algorithm to compare a signature on a Document, Form or Cheque with a specimen signature available. Differential SEAM algorithm provides signature verification and uses a threshold specified to pass or fail the Signature Comparison. Sigma provides a justification log, comprising of strokes matched between two signatures and this feature provides the much required audit trail of Signature Verification. Along with Signature Verification and Justification Log, Sigma provides identification of Signatory/ies and then Verification of the Signature Mandate Powers / Rules, if the signature is to authorize a Financial Payment.

Sigma can be used for Retail, SME and Corporate Segment Signature Verification and Signing Power Mandate Checks. Signature Verification Thresholds can be specified for each of these Customer Segments separately. Thresholds can also be specified based on amount involved and risk category of customers. Sigma provides services to detect need for additional specimen signatures, as customer signatures vary over time and a repository to store such additional signatures. Signature Verification and Signing Power Mandate checking takes up lot of manual work in Banks and Sigma can completely automate this work, increasing the Operation Efficiency, Reducing Operation Risk and Costs.

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