Payment Investigation Automation System


  • Automates SWIFT And Email Communications for Inward and Outward Payments
  • Maintains a fuzzy search Database of payments
  • Select specified SWIFT / domestic payment messages for the processing using an SOP provided for the purpose in the system
  • Classifies incoming Free Format SWIFT messages and Emails
  • Semantic processing of messages to derive intent and sub-intents in the message
  • Supports Internal Departmental, Relationship Manager & Customer referrals for getting information, decision or preferences
  • System maintains Communication Thread and maintains separate case folder for each connected payment
  • Automatically collects information available in Enterprise Banking Systems
  • Prepares response SWIFT and Email messages
  • Provides manual queues for oversight and complete manual processing


  • Automation of payment investigation processes
  • Prompt responses to payment investigation requests
  • Complete Audit Trail of payment investigation cases


  • Linked payments management
  • Sherlock Checker Queue
  • Sherlock Robotic Call Back