Cognitive Process Automation

Multi Entity Cognitive Case Processing Engine controlled and driven by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) configured


  • Maintains multiple versions of SOP for each process
  • SOP Versioning Support – Supports change and continuous process re-engineering
  • Provides cognitive automation for each step in SOP using Cognitive Processing Micro services in Vision, Language, Speech, Decisions and Knowledge Based Services
  • Provides integration services for case ingestion / acquisition to trigger case processing using an SOP
  • Enabled to send communications, information requests by providing active response forms pre-filled with contextual information providing collaborations within processing department and with external departments and stakeholders
  • Provisions for Manual Interventions and Manual Action Workbench based on need, context and exceptional conditions encountered during a case processing

Cognitive Microservices in Patterns Sherlock

  • Vision Services
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services
  • Classification Services
  • Pattern Detection and Recognition Services
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Exploitation Services
  • Prediction & Anticipation Services
  • Expertise based Decision Making Services
  • Speech Processing Services
  • RPA Services (for Login, Access & Operate functions available in any banking software system)

Sherlock Cognitive SOP Processing is completely configurable and provides for domain attribute definitions including the source for each attribute; these domain attributes are used to specify business rules for conditional processes in SOP



  • SOP Driven Process Automation, enables process configuration by Operation teams
  • Each activity can use Specialized Bots / Generic Bots implementing Cognitive Services
  • Detailed Audit Trail for each case action, including robotic recognitions, classifications, decisions and intent conclusions
  • Real-Time Case Browser-cum-Monitor to present the Interim State of every case being processed

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