Outward Payments Request Forms Processing Automation


  • Automation of end to end Customer Outward Payment Request Forms (SWIFT & Domestic Payments)
  • Indexes and Extracts information from Forms
  • Compares forms data with QR code encoded data in the form
  • Extracts signature/s on the form, verifies them with specimen signatures
  • Performs automated customer mandate checks
  • Provides for checker review as per operational policy and entitlements
  • Entire automation tracked with justification and comprehensive audit logs

Customer Outward Payment Request Validation

Data Extraction From The Form

Automated Comparison With QR Code Content With Form Data

Automates Signature Extraction, Matching and Mandate Rule Checking

Core Banking System Integration For STP Processing

Justification Logs & Audit Trails


Automates indexing and required data extraction including duplicate document detection and screening

Compares form data with data encoded in the QR code in the form

Extracts one or more customer signatures, verifies them with specimen signatures in the bank, checks and ensures that the form has been signed as per customer mandates

Matches debit account title in the form with the account title in the core banking system. In case of account to account transfers, credit account title match is also performed

Integrates with banks core banking system to send form extracted data, signature and mandate results