Cognitive Trade Process Automation

Multi Entity Cognitive Trade Finance Processing Engine controlled and driven by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) configured

Patterns Portia automates manual Expert Work for Trade Finance Transactions using cognitive and natural language abilities to perform scrutiny as per check lists configured. It performs each trade finance transaction processing using the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) provided by operations.

Portia accumulates customer knowledge continuously and uses this knowledge to perform human like processing of trade finance transactions. It can auto process majority of transactions, remaining transactions that require manual intervention is taken to the concerned person using Active Response Template technology.


  • Maintains multiple versions of SOP for each process
  • SOP Versioning Support – Supports change and continuous process re-engineering
  • Provides cognitive automation for each step in SOP using Cognitive Processing Micro services in Vision, Language, Speech, Decisions and Knowledge Based Services
  • Provides integration services for case ingestion / acquisition to trigger case processing using an SOP
  • Enabled to send communications, information requests by providing active response forms pre-filled with contextual information providing collaborations within processing department and with external departments and stakeholders
  • Provisions for Manual Interventions and Manual Action Workbench based on need, context and exceptional conditions encountered during a case processing

Hallmarks of Automated Trade Processing

Configurable Domain Vocabulary & Semantic Linkage to Processing Environment for Automated Vocabulary Resolution for Automated Robotic Processing.


Financial Natural Language Bots to understand Free Format Swift Messages and Trade related Swift Messages & Email.



Completely SOP Driven Automation – using SOPs Configured by Operations.



Processing Decisions can be controlled by specifying Checklists at Processing Activity. Checklist items can be Smart Human Performed Functions.

Majority of Transactions processed automatically. Forwarded to people when Active Response Templates are used & Transactions requires Manual Intervention.

Customer Trade Transaction Knowledge including Line of Businesses, Commodities & Services Sold and Bought, Trading Partners, Time & Financial Behavior Patterns.

Cognitive Microservices in Patterns Portia

  • Vision Services
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services
  • Classification Services
  • Pattern Detection and Recognition Services
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Exploitation Services
  • Prediction & Anticipation Services
  • Expertise based Decision Making Services
  • Speech Processing Services
  • RPA Services (for Login, Access & Operate functions available in any banking software system)

Portia Cognitive SOP Processing is completely configurable and provides for domain attribute definitions including the source for each attribute; these domain attributes are used to specify business rules for conditional processes in SOP



  • SOP Driven Process Automation, enables process configuration by Operation teams
  • Each activity can use Specialized Bots / Generic Bots implementing Cognitive Services
  • Detailed Audit Trail for each case action, including robotic recognitions, classifications, decisions and intent conclusions
  • Real-Time Case Browser-cum-Monitor to present the Interim State of every case being processed

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