Factoring and Invoice Discounting Automation


  • Automation of end to end Invoice and Associated Document Processing
  • Factoring Process Automation to process Bulk Invoices and Cheques
  • Extraction of Information from customer request for Funding Letters, Invoices, associated supporting documents like Bill of Lading and Cheques
  • Reviews, Referrals and Checker Automation
  • Entire automation tracked with justification and comprehensive audit logs

Customer Request Validation

Data Extraction From Invoices & Documents

Automated Compliance Screening

Automated Credit Review

Verification of Endorsement Signatures

Checklist Validation

Automated Release For Funding

Justification Logs & Audit Trails


Automates indexing and required data extraction including duplicate document detection and screening

Integrates with systems like Fircosoft, Lloyds and IMB to automate compliance screening of invoices and related documents like Bill of Lading

Automates customer / group limit availability, overdue checking as per the customer facility sanction terms

Operations can specify the SOP for processing and checklists which will list validation items for the BOTs to check and confirm

Integrates with Factoring and Discounting systems to release processed and approved invoice / cheque items for funding