For Outward Cheque Clearing

Automates Outward Clearing Cheque processing using Cheque Truncation Images received from Cheque Deposit Machines / Cheque Scanners with Best in Class Automation at various stages

Validation by Automated Visual Cheque Scrutiny

Title Match Validation

Key Information Extraction

Deposit Slip Management

Extracts Handwritten & Printed English Texts


  • Extracts, Transforms & Interprets printed and handwritten text information
  • Performs authenticity check based on – Logo, MICR Band, Endorsement Stamp, Account Payee Stamp, Crossed Cheques
  • Identifies strikeouts, overwriting, damage, mutilation, white ink/oil/water marks on Cheques
  • Detects absence of mandatory information like date, signature etc.
  • Equipped with configurable validation engine capable of performing technical validations required for an Outward Clearing Cheque Scrutiny
  • Every Robotic Extraction, Verification and Validation is supported by justification and audit trail logging


Dexter Checker Queue (DCQ)

Supports incremental manual processing of failed Robotic validations and also provides conservative manual checker scrutiny for High Value / High Risk Cheques

Unknown Language Queue (ULQ)

Supports manual processing of non-English language cheques

Dexter Guided Queue (DGQ)

Provides for continuous On-The-Job Feedback training to robotic elements within Patterns Dexter

Quality Control Queue (QCQ)

Provides random selection and human quality control check of cheques automatically cleared by Dexter


  • Fuzzy Title Match – With management of multiple approved Customer Account Titles with or without abbreviation
  • Automated Liquid Zoning Automates processing of numerous cheque layouts from large number of participating banks
  • Symbol Identification Program – To recognize symbols specifically used by customers while writing their cheques
  • Audit Trail & Justification Log – Maintains log for all robotic decisions including payee name match

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