Lease Management System

Patterns Atom Lease Management System (LMS) provides enterprise level automation support to manage end to end Leasing business. Atom LMS has been designed to support digital operations and can embed Robotic & Cognitive Services or consume Robotic & Cognitive Services available external to Atom. Atom provides comprehensive support to Leasing Business and provides the Business with flexible Leasing Product Innovations enhancing the Business Agility to ensure End-Customer Delight. Simplifying the Complexities of Leasing Business – Atom provides Reliable, Timely, Failsafe and Efficient Operations.

Patterns Atom supports creation and maintenance of contracts under Operating Lease, Finance Lease or an hybrid mode of Synthetic Lease through Automatic Classification of Lease for the off-balance sheet Operating Lease against special assets

Key Features

  • Generation of Accounting Files to be shared with Associated Accounting System (if maintained separately)
  • Interface with Services to Digitally Sign the Invoices generated in PDF format
  • Provision for configuring / extraction of periodic data at End of Day to be shared for Data Warehousing Activities
  • Push Files / Pull Files from configured FTP/SFTP Folders on network
  • Accesses the services from Remote Systems through Webservices / APIs published
  • Hosts several webservices for Leasing Services to be accessed by Remote Systems
  • Support for Operating / Finance / Synthetic Lease
  • Support for Scheme - Reimbursement / Wet Lease
  • Auto Classification of Operating Lease
  • Configuration of Product / Scheme Level Accounting Heads / GL (General Ledger)
  • Classification of Lease under Lease Portfolios & there-by assign Cost Centers / Profit Centers
  • Configurable Tax Model with individual or composite Tax with or without Components and definition of Accounting Parameters in deepest level in the hierarchy. Configurable waiver by choice / for SEZ.
  • TDS on Collection of every receivables tracked at Payable, Paid and Deemed Receipt for further reconciliation
  • Asset level disbursements made during the period before capitalization tracked and interest for the interim period is accrued billed on monthly mode or along with first rental post capitalization
  • Single Lease or Master Lease Schedule including multiple Lease
  • Uniform or Structured (step-up-down) Rentals within the Lease Repayment Tenor
  • Rental Structure for Tenor - with or without Broken Period Rentals (Initial, Initial-Final)
  • Repayment in regular frequency such as Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Yearly or Customer defined frequency for supporting cash-strapped businesses
  • Optional Transfer of Input GST benefits to Customer (Upfront or inform of Rental Rebate through the Tenor)
  • Customer Specific or Lease product specific
    or Standard Invoice Templates. Dynamic Template based Invoice Layouts.
    Auto / Manual Generation of Invoices on Due Date or based on Invoicing Cycles
  • Consolidated or Individual Invoices. Flexible and comprehensive options and basis for consolidation. Invoice in PDF Format with Detailed Annexures in PDF / Spreadsheet or Both
  • Digital / Manual Signing, Auto Attaching of Signature Images using Authorized Signatory configuration and Amount based controls
  • Bunching of Invoices for a particular Customer dispatch into Compressed file (ZIP file)
  • Facility to generate and dispatch invoices in advance
  • Definition of Repayment for a Lease for the Customer based on Mandates or Post-Dated Cheques (PDC) or Direct Payments
  • Collection of outstanding payables and Reconciliation. Management of Deemed Collections.
  • Full or Partial Collection, One to Many, Many to One (Payments to Payables)
  • Handling of Excess Collection and adjustment of same against disbursement / rentals
  • Overdue tracking and management
  • Configurable E-Mail Components Mailing of Invoices / System Alerts / Stage-wise Notifications
  • On-Demand SMS Components Available for mobile notification for defined process
  • Calculators for Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), Rental Calculations (based on PMT Method)

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