Leadership Team
The people driving our success.

Suresh Kamath B

Managing Director

Suresh Kamath is a software designer, entrepreneur, consultant and founder of Patterns, with more than 3 decades of software design experience. He founded Laser Soft earlier which developed several innovative banking software products. He has innovated several new design patterns focused on software performance, scale and cost. Kamath holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from IIT, Madras. He has received several awards for promoting employment of Differently Abled people and is a distinguished alumnus of IIT, Madras. His focus has always been on finding new design practices to increase value of software products and solutions through improved designs.

Kannan V P

Product & Tech Lead-Robotic Vision

Kannan has over two decades of hands-on experience in Architecting and Designing Enterprise Class Products and Solutions. He has worked with several large banks and financial institutions and has deep banking and finance domain knowledge. He is a design trainer, a consultant and leads several software development initiatives at Patterns Cognitive. He focuses on all the areas of Software Design, with particular emphasis to Classic and undocumented Design Patterns, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Integration Design and Design with Ambient Intelligence. He is passionate in being hands-on with Technology. At Patterns Cognitive, he heads the Robotic Vision Team.

Narayanakumar P

Product Head-Knowledge Augmentation

Narayana Kumar has more than two decades of hands on experience in architecting, designing and implementing enterprise class products and solutions to the banking, finance and healthcare segment. He has global software experience and has remained hands on designer and expert developer. He has deep domain knowledge in both banking and healthcare segments. He specializes in managing complexity and has designed and lead development teams in several complex and enterprise products and projects. Along with software design expertise, he also has oracle database administration expertise. At Patterns Cognitive, he heads the Knowledge Augmentation Division.

Naveen Shenoy R

Senior Consultant-Speech & Natural Language Division

Naveen  is a hands on architect and designer with more than 15 years of software product design experience.

He is passionate about innovation and is the most creative member of the Patterns team. He is a expert architect and designer, but has special focus and expertise in UX patterns, software usability and interaction design. He is responsible for reviewing and enhancing all creative content that comes out of Patterns. He is passionate about quality and has led quality assurance initiatives in several large scale development and implementation projects. He heads Speech & Natural Language Division at Patterns and is responsible in designing and developing products in this area. He also heads the activities under the Patterns Atom LMS Products.

Natarajan Raman

Principal Architect-Cognitive Engine Division

Natarajan Raman has over 15+ years of experience in the software design, development and implementation of software primarily in the banking and finance segment. He has global exposure and has worked with very large organizations. He is passionate about mobile technologies and focuses on developing products on Android devices. He is co-author of the book “Learning Kotlin by building Android Applications”. He is an expert design trainer & consultant in applied design patterns, security patterns, big data & map reduce patterns, performance patterns, mobile patterns and complex event processing patterns. At Patterns Cognitive, he heads the Cognitive Engine Division and leads all the social initiatives.He is the co-founder of Dream India[www.dreamindia.org] in 2004, while he was still in the college.

Sree Prasantha Ram Mulpuri

Chief Architect-Deep Learing Division

Prasanth is a hands-on Software Architect, Designer and Enterprise Class Developer. His passion is to deliver value to customers by creating performing solutions while engineering/re-engineering and re-factoring business processes. He specializes in delivering cognitive digital solutions using enterprise/retail application, web and mobile technologies. He is an expert trainer, solution consultant and product designer. He routinely engages in early-stage consulting, innovation, prototyping and in executing projects using both off-shelf and custom developed technologies.
He engineers platforms for products created at Patterns while taking initiative to evangelize cutting-edge technologies and solutions.
At Patterns Cognitive – Deep Learning Division, his team delivers Cloud-Native Cognitive Business Process Management Engine and related micro-services.

M. Seetha Lakshmi

Head Operations

Seeta heads admin and operations at Patterns Cognitive.

She ensures full admin and operational support to the Patterns Cognitive’s activities.

She manages Operations, Finance, HR and Compliance areas of Patterns Cognitive.

Our Advisors
The people guiding us.

K. Srinivasan

Advisor & Mentor

K Srinivasan (KS) is a strategic and performance driven business Leader with great passion and perseverance, known for clearly defining mission and sales & Business development goals, consistently exceeding the expectations. He is currently based out of Dubai.